Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Announcing Cruiser!!

Well, it has finally come time to tell the world that Chris and I are pregnant! We actually have known for quite a while but wanted to make sure there would be no complications. Last week we went to the doctors for the first time and saw our little cruiser-the development already is amazing. Why do we call the baby cruiser? If you remember, we were on a cruise for our honeymoon; if you still have a question let us know! Cruiser is due in April. This week I told my students I was pregnant, they were so cute and excited. One of my girls said, "I thought you were skinnier last year." We all got a pretty good laugh. Since there is basically no room in my torso I am actually showing a little bit already. I will have about 6 weeks of maternity and then get to go back to my class for probably the last two weeks of school. The hardest part will be finishing up my masters in June, but it will definitely get done! We are loving being married and expecting. Chris has been super sweet and will get me anything I need: toast, crackers, water, fruit, my prenatals. The list goes on forever. We are looking forward to being parents and can't wait for the special day. We are almost done with our first trimester and the sickness actually hasn't been too bad. As long as I snack every two hours I am pretty much fine. If you have any pregnant tips let me know!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Family Fun!

Chris, Jordan, and my dad went golfing last Saturday from their backyard. They had to come in for a bit to get away from the hail, but they went right back out when it was gone.

We found a little "beach area" in spanish fork. The water was ice, and the sand like pieces on concrete, but hey it's a beach.

On Thursday Josh, NIkki, Mike, Julie, Heather, Jordan, and Chris went and spent a day on the lake. Stephen and I met them there around 5 after they had been boating already for four hours. It was so fun to see all the things they could do on the surf board.