Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Count Down!!

My students were so excited the day that I told them I was going to be getting married. They always want to know all the details. The day after I got officially engaged they all sat around me in the classroom as I told them the story of how it happened. They begged me to read them the book Chris wrote and then looked at all the pictures. I love my class and it is fun to share this time with them. We made a link chain, one link per day left until I get married. Each link has a name on it and that student gets to rip off the link-one each day. It will be fun to watch it decrease as I become closer to being Mrs. Bird!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Engagement Pictures!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Proposal

Here's the story...

Chris told me that we were going to eat at Five All's (a restaurant in SLC) with his family and needed to dress up a little since it is a nice place. I really didn't expect anything until the waiter sat us at a two person table. The dinner was delicious. We had bread, banana smoothies, meatballs, more bread, soup, salads, meat, potatoes, veggies and sherbert. YUM! After dinner we walked around temple square for a bit and saw a mysterious present. The present was the cutest fairy tale written by Chris about our life. He included all the facts and tons of our cute pictures. The last page of the book is a picture of him on his knee with my ring! He got down and asked me to marry him--Of course I said YES. Then his brother popped out of a bush with a camera and his mom a different place with the video camera. The rest of his family was also hiding. It was fun to have them there to celebrate!!

We have been extremely busy lately and I don't have the pictures from that night yet, but they will come soon. We also got our engagement pictures back today so I will make a slide show of them. Here is a picture of my beautiful ring...it is better than I could ever imagine, a picture just doesn't do it justice!