Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Troy's 9 Months!!

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite baby age. Troy is so happy with himself and life right now. He plays and plays and plays; loves to be around on the ground with other children. He learned to wave. If he is playing and B and I are in the kitchen, Troy will often wave at us to make sure we are paying attention to him. He also likes to show/share what he is playing with or the food he is eating. He got roseola this month with a yukcy fever and slight rash. Troy loves to crawl up the stairs and thinks it is so funny when I come running after him to make him stop. If he sees me while he is crawling towards them he giggles and crawls faster. It is amazing how much he knows at this young age. On his 9 month birthday he looked at Chris, reached to him and said, “Da”. Troy is very agreeable and says, "yeah, yeah" all day long. He still loves his thumb and my hair. I've got to find something else for him to get hooked on, but so far nothing else will do. He stands most of the day, can walk along things, transfer himself to different objects, and loves to push his car walker around the room. He has stood alone for a few seconds a couple of times. He is always happy and has the hugest grin on his face. He loves to take baths with his big brother. They enjoy splashing one another and giggling when they get me wet. We love our little boy Troy!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Toddlers say the funniest things!

My little Brighton is probably the funniest person I know. I love spending the days with him; we just laugh and laugh. Here are some of our recent conversations:

Driving in the car
B: Mom, sometime I am going to sit up there and you will be back here with Troy
Me: Yes, you will get to drive someday
B: You better watch out mom! I'm a crazy driver!
Me: Yes you will be!!
B: Call dad and tell him that
(He is into having Chris and I tell each other things from him)

B looking at my wedding ring
B: Mama, sometime I will have a ring like that, but mine will be one like daddy's

Laying in bed after Chris had just been in
B: Mom sometime I am going to be HUGE!
Me: Yep, you are getting bigger everyday
B: Like as big as daddy! Mama, why are you not so big?

Watching The Incredibles
B: Mom, why does Mr. Incredible have boobies?
Me: Well, we all do, just sometimes boys' are small
B: Like mine? They are not big
Me: Nope, but see you still have some

Funny sayings he comes up with
-Ima mix you like hot chocolate milk
-I'ma change you like a diaper
-I'ma put you in the oven and cook you
-I'ma feed you like baby food
-I'ma scoop you like a spoon

He also tries to say things that he thinks will make me mad so he says, "Sucka" but its kinda cute and funny -he's not supposed to say suck. He also says things like peanuts and other such words trying to remember the name of his boy part :)
He loves to be silly and make me laugh

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

We had such a fun year and had so many wonderful things happen to our family

Here is our top 11 events in 2011 (Chronological Order)

v Chris started a car dealership, Velocity, in Lehi which sells an outrageous amount of cars each month. Its been a blessing and such a fun new opportunity

v Brighton turned 2: terrific and terrible at the same time. He has such a strong personality; and is so funny!

v Introduced baby Troy to the world! He came on his scheduled date, and is the cutest little baby. He quickly loved his brother and they are little trouble makers together already.

v Shani had her last day of teaching and became a full time Mommy. I am so lucky to have taught for 6 years and had such wonderful students. It is fun to keep up with them on Facebook. I will miss teaching greatly but love being with my boys all day long.

v Went to Newport Beach with the Albrights; Brighton had a blast playing in the waves and with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin K, Troy had a little bit of a harder time with so many people around and no schedule but he will love it next year.

v Chris had his 10 year reunion in Washington. We were able to fly there and spent time with his parents as well; flying was so much nicer than the 11 hour drive and we got to enjoy time at their lake

v Chris got to drive a Lamborghini all around Vegas for his birthday, he is now even more obsessed with them and talks everyday about getting one.

v Halloween: Brighton was Spiderman (shot webs at everyone in his way) and Troy was a very adorable dinosaur

v Cooked our first Turkey for Thanksgiving-Chris did most of the work while I cheered him on giving instructions

v Cruised the Caribbean with Brighton and the Birds while Troy stayed with his Albright Grandparents; curing him of his Only Mommy ways. The cruise was amazing and it was fun to have some one on one time with Brighton

v Celebrated Christmas with the entire Albright clan! We saw Christmas lights, made gingerbread houses, went hot tubbing, and opened lots and lots of presents. It was so nice to have everyone there.