Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It was so fun to be home for the holidays. I also couldn't help but love the beautiful weather. We were able to play frisbee golf, kickball with the cousins, go shopping at the new outside mall--love it, eat a delicious Turkey dinner with my family, and the boys all went golfing. Friday morning my mom and I went to Walmart at 7:00 to get some deals. We're definitely not the four o'clock goers. On the way in I told my mom we should change personalities and grab things out of peoples carts, elbowing and throwing punches to get what we went. Not five minutes after we entered the store I had my chance. I really had my heart set on getting a car beanbag for Brighton's room. We saw a lady shoving one in her cart and asked where she got it. She told us that it was the very last one. My mom gave me the look, "Here's your chance." But I just couldn't do it. Sadly I watched the lady walk away with my beanbag in her cart. :( Better luck next time. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I am so glad it is December and will be putting up the Christmas Decorations tomorrow. Merry Christmas!