Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Buddy

Brighton and I have been having tons of fun together the past week. We love to party all night long! I think there has been two good sleep nights, but that's alright, he's just so dang cute you can't get mad. Here are a few of our highlights from the week.
Luckily Brighton still has his crazy hair, I just love it!

This is how he snuggles. He would stay like this all day long if we let hime.

Gramma and Grandpa Albright came to visit and see their new great grandchild.

Brighton had his first sponge bath this week. He didn't mind it too bad. We are still waiting for his umbilical cord to fall off so he can have a real bath.

This swing is from Aunt Karyn and Cousin Nicole. He likes it except for the fact that he is all by himself when in it.

I'm pretty sure this is Brighton's long lost twin.

I couldn't resist getting a picture of Brighton's space goggles. He had to wear these in the hospital when he was under the lights.

Being a mom is wonderful. It is definitely very hard but every time I look at my buddy Brighton I know that it is all worth it. Chris always kisses him and says "I love you so much" that is just how we feel. The love came so fast and in such a large amount. We are so blessed to have Brighton in our lives!