Friday, January 28, 2011

Letter Of Intent...

Happy 100th post to me! That's pretty cool, the post is a big deal and life changing so kinda fun!

This week my principal brought in my "letter of intent" for the 2011-2012 school year. When I saw the letter I told her I would not be signing it and to not expect it back. She said she doesn't like it anymore than I do.

This is a picture of my first 6th grade class. This was my second year of teaching.

For the past 5 years I have checked the Yes box on the letter of intent saying I was returning the following year to teaching. 3 years had a complete yes, the last 2 had a Yes, If I can have part time.

Checking No-that was really hard for me.

I love teaching!! I love the classroom! I love all my students and feeling like I am making a difference. I love interaction with other adults everyday. I love having a reason to wake up and actually get ready in the morning. And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I'm a pretty good teacher. It is nice to have a little outlet away from home as well. Brighton and Chris have so much fun together in the mornings, I know they will always have a special bond because of the extra time they are able to spend together. I also love Brighton's daycare that he goes to a few times a week. He is well fed there, gets to interact with other children his age, and learns wonderful things like a letter, number and shape every week. He is great at 2 and wants 2, not 1, of everything. He likes to draw circles, and says the F sound all the time. He eats well there because he sees the other kids eat, and she has taught him the importance of cleaning up.

All this aside, I want to be a stay at home mommy. I have always wanted this, and will have two adorable little boys next year. I miss Brighton the 4 hours I am gone and know I can't get that time back. So, It was time for me to check No.

I will not be returning to the classroom the following year. It will be fun to be with my boys, but I know I will miss teaching. My new role as full time Mom is very exciting, overwhelming, but so important and I can't wait to get started.

Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 here we come.

Every year my life just gets better and better. I can't imagine that this will always continue. It is only a few weeks in and there are already so many fun things to look forward to this year: I will finish my 6th year of teaching in April and take a break to be a stay at home mom for who knows how many years, our new baby will be born in late April, Amy, Stephen, Lisa graduate from BYU, Kellie graduates from UVU, Chris' 10th high school reunion, beach trip with my family in July, Thanksgiving with the BIrds and Christmas with the Albrights. I know this year will be so much fun, but also bring many new trials with a new baby and one in his terrible twos. Here are some new pictures of me and my boys. I'm 23 weeks now and growing more and more everyday!

Bugs loves to kiss his little brother. He asks to hold babies every time he sees one and I know he will want to hold his brother all the time!

I know that there are way to many belly bump pictures but I love this last one cuz my belly bumped Brighton. Haha, I'm bigger than I'm used to.
Sorry no pictures of Chris. He's not really changing at the moment...Brighton changes everyday and my belly just grows and grows. Chris has decided to not put on any "baby weight" this year so he looks good all the time.