Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Half Birthdays!

I can't believe that my little boys are so big already! Where does time go and why do children change so fast? Both boys are celebrating half birthdays around this time of year.

Troy: 6 Months
What? My baby has already been around for half of a year? That is just unbelievable to me, but the calendar says its true. Life with Troy is so much fun! He is such a smiley baby and loves people to pay attention and talk to him. He loves to scream with excitement, splash in the tub, and play toys. Brother is learning how to share and gets better everyday. Troy has learned to sit very well on his own. He is still learning to like eating; for some reason I can only get a few bites in before he starts crying about it and we give up. He is still learning to sleep at night (sad); he seemed like he would be a better sleeper than Brighton but has proven other wise. (He is also a thumb sucker, which I gave into thinking I would get a good sleeper out of it) I put him down for naps and bed time fully awake and he puts himself to sleep so we should not be having these problems. Naps last about 30 min, he has recently started getting better at longer ones, but it is hit and miss. Some nights he sleeps clear till 5 or 6, which is great, but some nights he is up at 2, 3, 4, and 5 and 6. He usually sleeps till about 830 or 9 which is nice. He is finally nursing well, unless distractions are around! Sadly I have to start weaning him because we have a cruise coming up in December that he is not coming to. Right when we get things right! And, he hates the bottle! Oh man!! He is the biggest momma's boy I have ever seen. If I'm in the room I am the only one he is happy with. He is great at reaching and grabbing and can hold his body up so high! He absolutely LOVES Brighton. He watches everything that Brighton does. I know he will quickly start to mimic him. The best is when Troy laughs while Brighton is throwing a tantrum, which just makes B madder :) Troy is such a little Rolly Poly. I can't put him down anywhere but carpet now cuz he will just roll off. He can also scoot in a circle, but not forward yet. He loves to sleep on his tummy and is just TOO cute. I love his blonde hair and curly cue in the middle of his hair line.

Brighton: 2 and a half years!!!
Wow! We have made it so far with this crazy Tot. He has one of the biggest personalities I have ever seen; and changes his mood quite quickly. He is so goofy; loves to dress up (esp in his spiderman outfit) but also loves hats, necklaces, belts, anything he can add to an outfit. He still loves his doggies but has added to the collection of things he needs in his bed to sleep: 2 Blinks, Winsten, Big Pooh Bear, Little Pooh Bear, Blue dog, Blue bear, froggies (corn feet warmer), 2 blankets, little blue pillow, car pillow, and monkey pillow. Oh I forgot Sully as well. He is very quick to know if something is missing. He is getting ready to potty train. Tells me when he is peeing, poohs on the potty, and can get the diaper off. He used to be a great napper but has recently been fighting me on it! He will stay and read in his bed for hours instead of sleeping, a good activity, but without his 3 hour nap he is SOOO cranky. He has become a master staller at nighttime and his routine is now over an hour long-we need to fix that. Brighton has a great imagination, he loves to run around the house punching, or shooting fake bad guys, or smashing pretend bugs. He has gotten a million times better at eating and will try every meal I make. Of course he still downs milk all day long. Brighton is so athletic. He loves to run and chase. He learned how to flip and loves to show everyone. Of course, he continues to show all who come over his new room, even if you have seen it a million times he will still ask. I'm glad all my hardwork paid off! He got in a phase where he liked to say mean things he was thinking (ex. I'm gonna punch and kick you, I'm gonna push you in the street...) so I taught him nice things to say and do. Now he tells me "Mamma, your so pretty" everyday haha! He loves his brother but does not like Troy to touch his stuff or worse: look out his car window. Why this bothers him, I have no idea! He gives him HUGE tight hugs and tries to pick him up. If Troy is not in sight he will ask for him. He loves to show off for his little brother and always talks about the things they will do together when he is bigger. Brighton is fascinated by the fact that he and everyone else used to be in someone's tummy. He says, "I was in your tummy mom, then I popped out! It was yuck!" He has been so excited about his new cousins baby Aliyah and Oaklei. His best friends are Kherrington and Tanner and Madison. He just LOVES to play with them as often as possible. I love this big kid. He makes me laugh every single day.

I love being a mommy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yellow Loves

Chris brings home a new car each night from the dealership for him to drive. He loves driving a different one everyday. Me, on the other hand, loves driving my truck. She has been my car for 10 years. Now that we have two kids we decided the time had come to sell my beauty and get me a mom car. She was on the lot for under a week. Everyone that came said that the truck was in such great condition still and couldn't believe it. I was so sad the day that the truck sold but am excited for my Acura MDX mom SUV. Thanks little yellow truck for all the good times!

Chris' favorite yellow car happens to be a lamborghini! He has been working so hard at his new dealership, and very long hours. They have paid off though! So we decided for his birthday he could splurge a little and rent the car of his dreams for a couple hours. Grandma Megan watched our two boys and we drove all over Vegas in this HOTT ride. Chris had the time of his life. The night before he was all giddy, told me he couldn't sleep and that it felt like CHristmas Eve when he was little. While driving he called all his friends so they could just listen to the noise. It was cute to see him so excited. He said he has to do this at least once a year from now on; we'll see.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coupon Trip

So Nikki has been teaching me the world of couponing. She is so much better than I am at it but I feel very successful after today's trip. I am stalking up on my non food items by using double Tuesdays at Walmarts in Utah and was quite successful today. I would like to get better at price matching my food at walmart to bring down the grocery bill. I recently learned that you can buy coupons online and then you don't have to have a paper. That really helps with stalking up on certain items for cheap. I also print a lot of coupons from and other sites like that.

Here is my loot from today: ( and my cute toddler)

10 Things of Season All seasoning salt
29 little packages of pantiliners
8 bags of cookie mix
2 travel fructis shampoo and conditioner
2 softsoap body washes
1 Visine
20 normal size aquafresh toothpaste
3 baby food jars
1 baby rice cereal
10 bags of brown rice
3 frechies fried onions
1 pack of 8 juice boxes
2 regular size shampoo and conditioner
15 boxes of dryer sheets
25 things of fabric softner
*Not pictured
8 kids yogurts
4 Greek yogurts

For a grand total of $25 which includes the price I paid for the coupons

And here is a cute little baby that I love so much!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Troy's Blessing

We blessed Troy last Sunday. We were a little worried about Troy crying through the blessing but he stuck his little thumb in his mouth and did great. Chris did a beautiful job on the blessing. It was so nice to have all of our families here for the blessing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Plane Ride

Chris had his 10 year high school reunion this summer in Washington. Because of his dealership we weren't able to be gone for too long, and with two crazy boys we felt the drive would take longer than its worth so we splurged and bought plane tickets. Brighton loved the flight, peanuts, sprite. He danced on his seat pretty much the entire time. Troy was a great flier as well and barely caused a seen. The couple in front of us told us that they didn't even know we had an infant behind them. We were able to get in early Thursday and leave late Tuesday so we had extra hours both days to spend time with the family.

Stephen dropping us off. It was a little difficult carrying all of our luggage and carseats.

Brighton, as always, was a big helper!

This is the top of a mountain above the clouds in Washington!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Watch me stretch

I was scrapbooking this today for Troy's album and thought it is pretty crazy at how large my belly was able to get! No wonder it will never go back to normal!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I know this post is a little late, but better late than never. I am so blessed to be able to go to the beach every year with my family. I have been every year since before I was one. Most siblings have had to miss a year or two but luckily I haven't. We didn't know for sure if everyone was going this year but by the end of the week we had everyone in our family in the house! It was such a wonderful vacation but had a few set backs. Brighton got sick on our way down and the sickness seemed to pass through the family. Troy was still getting used to life and had a little bit of a hard time. Chris wanted to try a few new things this year so we found a tide pool with lots of crabs and explored a beach south of the wedge. We also took Brighton to his first movie on the big screen CARS 2. He stood most of the time watching through the chairs in front of him, and Troy slept through the movie. As always the beach was a blast and we can't wait to go back. Thanks mom and dad for taking us!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Troy's Second Month

Troy's second month was a little less hectic as we tried to get our lives together. We were alone for most of it, but towards the end we were able to go to Vegas and the Beach for a week! Troy continues to grow well. He is still a great nurser and is hungry every 2 ½ - 3 hours. His crying really peeked this month and I didn’t know what to do with him. We went to the Dr. at 6 weeks to make sure everything was fine. Troy was already 11 lbs and the Doctor said since he is growing and eating well we have nothing to worry about; he just might like to cry. I figured out that Troy likes to sleep after being awake for an hour and a half, no longer! He also likes to be held outwards with a little pressure on his tummy. After learning this, his crying fits decreased. He wakes him self up many times during a nap and has a hard time falling back asleep. Night time is a gamble, I never knew what I was gonna get. Sometimes he slept 5 hours and some nights he woke up every two. I think this was our month with the least amount of sleep! Troy started liking to lay on the floor and smile as you talk to him, but of course don’t leave him for too long. Even with the crying and lack of sleep he is still a doll and we love him more everyday.

Since we got back from our beach vacation I decided to try a swaddle sack for Troy. He loves it and has taken really good naps for the past two days and slept well at night. Why I didn't try this sooner is beyond me!

Brighton loves little Troy. He likes to kiss him and hold his hand. He worries about him when he is crying and always wants to know where he is. I love their brotherly love!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

We made it!!

Our first month is officially over and what a month it was. I am so lucky to have had my mom and mother in law stay with us to help me recovery and learn how to deal with two boys. I was so nervous when I was left alone but have made it through and am enjoying my time as a stay at home mother of 2. Brighton loves Troy more everyday. He gives him hugs, tickles him, and will sit in front of him to chat. If Troy is not in the room he will ask ask where is Troy? He does not like when I nurse and becomes very needy at this time. It is so fun to see the boys friends already.

Troy is growing quickly. When he was born he was 7.8, by his 2 week check up he was already 8.9. Troy is a good nurser who eats every 2 ½ to 3 hours. He will go 4 hours at night, which is nice for his mommy. He has been a good sleeper since he was born; he has never had his nights a days mixed up like Brighton did. After eating he spends a little time awake then takes at least an 1 ½ hour nap. He has gotten much better at sleeping in his Pack n’ Play crib. When he was first brought home he did not like it in there. Troy is a great snuggler. He hates getting his diaper changed and laying by himself on the floor. He likes to have tummy time with his brother a few times a day. He can lift his head up and move it to the other side. He also can make eye contact and hold it. We have been able to even get a couple of smiles out of him. Troy gets a little ornery in the late evenings, but other than that he is a pretty happy baby. He has the biggest cheeks and I have a feeling they will continue to get bigger and bigger!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our first week: Family of four

Wow! Time sure does fly. I can't believe my baby is over a week old already. We have had a very busy but fun week. Don't you love when people type long extensive blogs just so they can have it for their memory? Well here's mine. ..

No Labor, But Delivery: I really thought that I would have this baby early, and boy did I hope that would happen, but baby Troy was very content and cozy in my big belly and stayed in clear till his scheduled date. I was 39 weeks, and very ready to have him come out. What a different experience it was this time knowing exactly what was happening. It was nice not going into labor and not dealing with the whole "pushing" aspect of things, but it was also very scary to know what adventure my body was about to embark on. My neighbor Aly is a labor and delivery nurse so she met us at the hospital to help with my delivery. My mom, Chris, his mom, and Brighton all came. Brighton and Kim left when it was time for surgery so he could have his nap and come back afterwards. I hate IV's and am always nervous for that part. My first one the vein blew so Aly had to try again on my other hand. I hadn't eaten since the night before, my doctor said no water or even chewing gum; so my veins were very small and dehydrated. Luckily we got one in and working. Then I got hooked up and waited for a bit. Our doctor came in and said they were just waiting on the anesthesiologist to finish up with someone else and then we would get going. It was weird to walk myself to the operating room and sit on the table. I got an epidural and spinal, they called it a double. Then I laid down and began numbing while they prepped me. I felt a few tugs but nothing too bad. Chris sat by me and was very sweet the whole time. As soon as Troy's head was out he started screaming. Everyone joked about his angry temper. After getting cleaned up and checked Chris brought him over to me; he had stopped screaming by then and kept poking out his long tongue, an Albright trait for sure! Then Chris left with him to the nursery. While getting sewed and stitched I became very nauseous. I hated having to throw up while I knew they were putting me back together. What a miserable thing! Aly was still with me and held my hand since Chris was gone. Then I went to the recovery room and fell asleep for a bit.
Troy's blood sugar level had been a little low so they couldn't wait for me for him to eat. He had a little formula before we were together so he wasn't hungry for a while. It was so cute when Brighton was brought back to meet his little brother. He marched in the room just as happy as can be and looking so big. He held him and just giggled. My mom said it sounded like he was saying "I've been waiting for you brother". Brighton visited us everyday. He would run in and say Hi Troy! but then mostly ignore him while he ran around the room and hospital. He would help push Troy around when we went on walks and had to be bribed to stay in our room. Brighton enjoyed staying with Gramma Megan. She took very good care of him, fed him lots, and bought him toys. He missed us though and always had a hard time leaving.
The first day all our families came to visit and see the new baby.
Chris had to go to a wedding one day and into the dealership another so I spent some time alone in the hospital. It was nice to have the time to bond just Troy and I. He was a good little eater and ate about every hour and a half to 2 hours, and mostly slept the rest of the time. My recovery has been incredibly different this time around. Even at the hospital I was able to do so many things on my own that I couldn't do the first time. My pain has been so much less and I am feeling good already. What a blessing since I have a crazy 2 year old as well now. I feel like being a mother of a newborn is easier this time too but then there are so many new challenges since I do not only have the one. Each day in the hospital got better and better. The nurses stopped bothering us so much at night and I was feeling better and better. Troy would sometimes go to the nursery but I hate when they keep him longer than 3 hours and give the babies that sweeties sugar water. He got a little Jaundice but has been able to work it out on his own. No funny blue lights for him! My IV stopped working early the first morning. The nurse tried to "Flush" it which just pumped a ton of water into my hand and bloated it up huge. They were able to take it out and leave it out luckily. Other than that it was pretty much smooth sailing.
My mom has been staying with us this week and has done all the cooking, cleaning, getting up with Brighton every morning and attending to his every need. I am so lucky that she is here! Chris is back at his dealership full time since they are still a new business so he is unable to be home as much as he would like. Next week his mother is staying with us and we will be just as grateful to have her!
Troy is doing wonderful. He sleeps well at night, about 4 hour stretches; which would be longer if his annoying mother didn't wake him up to eat. He is still so little! He does not like to sleep by himself though. We work day and night on putting him in the pack n play but somehow he convinces me that the bed is better. We will get there though and a few snuggly nights are ok by me. He continues to eat often during the day, but struggles to stay awake during his feedings. He is usually out within the first few minutes. He received his first sponge bath on the first day home because his little wizzer went off and soaked his whole self. We have been more careful since then and have only had one other accident. Troy seems to have a little bit of a gassy tummy and needs lots of burps, which Brighton likes to help with :) He is a great snuggler and does not like to be by himself. When I need him to wake up I just lay him on the ground alone and soon he will be awake and telling me he is not happy. The first day we had Troy we thought he looked very different from Brighton. Each day he began to look a little more like him. They do however have different lips, and although they both have lots of hair Troy's is lighter, maybe a little longer, and a little less. I love my hairy babies! I look forward to having Troy in our family and seeing more of his personality come through everyday!
Brighton was very excited when we all came home from the hospital and was so excited for his brother to be there. Then he had to lay down ground rules that Troy could not play with his toys or sit in his booster. They have been getting along ever since. Bugs likes to hold him a few times a day and will say "Hi Troy" whenever he sees him. He is adjusting to splitting his mommy's attention and will get better at it. It is a good growing experience for him.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Bird!

Brighton loves his new brother and laughed out loud with joy!

Here is Troy! We called him Tad in the womb, so it is a little hard to completely switch over!

Here is our new family!!

Chris is such a good dad and loves his new little boy, and his big boy too!

I had a nice cheering section in the hospital! Chris's mom and my mom were there with Chris and Brighton to give me morale support! Then Kim and Brighton went home when I was going to deliver. Of course they came back later that afternoon. Ally was my nurse, and did such a great job! I love my new little baby boy and am so happy for our blessings of a happy healthy baby!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

38 weeks!

I'm excited that soon I will have another one of these at my house! I am the most girly girl, and am surrounded by boys! But I love them and can't wait to meet the next one. I think Brighton has been "nesting" as well. He says that the baby is in his tummy and will suck in and out to make it move. He will also point to a spot on his belly and say "foot". He takes care of his HUGE pooh bear everyday by changing its diaper, putting on desitin, baby powder, rocking it, feeding him, wrestling, and snuggling. He will be the best helper!

Last time I had Brighton by now, I never made it to my 38 week. He was already 7.7 lbs and I think this baby is a big one as well; but he is very happy just hanging out in my belly. I'm feeling fine but not sleeping at all! Tomorrow my family and Chris' family are coming into town for graduations. Baby Tad decided to wait until everyone was here for his arrival. I am scheduled next Tuesday to have him. Everyday I think more that he will make it to that date. Wish us luck!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brighton's 2

Mary came to the park with us to take some 2 year old pictures of Brighton. We had to chase him all around and snap a million pictures. It was very hard to get him to hold still but we got some real keepers! I just love his cute little face.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Changes

The four of us (including baby Tad) have been going through some big changes recently

Chris started his own dealership:

Chris recently opened a dealership in Lehi. In his first 2 weeks of being open they had sold 20 cars. His lot is at a perfect location right off the freeway. They have been working hard buying many cars to fill the lot, which can hold up to 150 cars! They have had no problem getting customers. Chris has always wanted to own his own dealership and I am so proud of him. This is a big change and was a little scary at first but since they have had such success so far we are really excited. The only down fall is that Chris has been working 12 hour days pretty much everyday to get it up and running. Bug and I miss him but we know it is worth it. Go Chris!

Shani had her last day teaching:
That's right, today was my last day. It is so crazy to think that now I am just a full time mommy. Teaching was so much fun. I have enjoyed the past 6 years so much and have worked with such wonderful kids. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to be part time the last two years. My class this year is super cute and I will miss them. My partner was great and I look forward to her being the full time teacher for the last 6 weeks of school. She did so much for me this year! Today we played baby shower games all morning and just had fun together. I stayed for the afternoon and got most of my sub plans done. What a relief. Now is is just me and Brighton. We have lots of cleaning and preparing for the new baby to do next week!

Brighton turned 2:
Look at my big boy! He is such a little stud and has grown so much in 2 years. His vocabulary is huge now and he is always trying out new words and putting them together into sentences. He loves to take care of his "poo bear" THe other day he put a diaper on him and rocked him to sleep. He will be the best helper. He kisses and talks to my belly all the time. He has decided that he loves to be naked and is very quick to take off his shirt. He is eating so good right now and will tell me, "I'm hungy mommy". He loves to eat ham and eggs, hotdogs, guacamole, noodles, and chicken. Oh and candy of course! He is obsessed with his little trike that Aunt Nikki gave him for christmas. He must ride it everyday outside and is very fast. He also loves to throw balls and play all the sporty things. He likes to fake fight and wrestle. I am so impressed with how easy his transition was into his big boy bed. He still waits for Chris and I to get him when he wakes up even though he could easily get out himself. He needs his 2 doggies, blankie from Grammy, and little blue pillow when sleeping. He loves to read books and copy when we say prayers. He has learned how to turn on the DVD player and will do so himself when he wants to watch a movie. He still loves to put on funny things and be the center of attention. He will do anything for a laugh. Even though he is such a jabber mouth and loves being around other people he also gets very shy when it is someone he doesn't know. He can be so independent at times, and other times still want to be the little baby. He had one last slumber party with Chris and I the other night before the new baby comes. He likes to sleep on Chris' chest and it is so precious. I love this kid to pieces and enjoy all our time together.

Baby Tad: Reaches full term.
That's right, early next week I will be 37 weeks and that is considered fully developed. We are getting more and more excited for this baby to come. Now only if we could pick a name!