Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Plane Ride

Chris had his 10 year high school reunion this summer in Washington. Because of his dealership we weren't able to be gone for too long, and with two crazy boys we felt the drive would take longer than its worth so we splurged and bought plane tickets. Brighton loved the flight, peanuts, sprite. He danced on his seat pretty much the entire time. Troy was a great flier as well and barely caused a seen. The couple in front of us told us that they didn't even know we had an infant behind them. We were able to get in early Thursday and leave late Tuesday so we had extra hours both days to spend time with the family.

Stephen dropping us off. It was a little difficult carrying all of our luggage and carseats.

Brighton, as always, was a big helper!

This is the top of a mountain above the clouds in Washington!