Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coupon Trip

So Nikki has been teaching me the world of couponing. She is so much better than I am at it but I feel very successful after today's trip. I am stalking up on my non food items by using double Tuesdays at Walmarts in Utah and was quite successful today. I would like to get better at price matching my food at walmart to bring down the grocery bill. I recently learned that you can buy coupons online and then you don't have to have a paper. That really helps with stalking up on certain items for cheap. I also print a lot of coupons from coupons.com and other sites like that.

Here is my loot from today: ( and my cute toddler)

10 Things of Season All seasoning salt
29 little packages of pantiliners
8 bags of cookie mix
2 travel fructis shampoo and conditioner
2 softsoap body washes
1 Visine
20 normal size aquafresh toothpaste
3 baby food jars
1 baby rice cereal
10 bags of brown rice
3 frechies fried onions
1 pack of 8 juice boxes
2 regular size shampoo and conditioner
15 boxes of dryer sheets
25 things of fabric softner
*Not pictured
8 kids yogurts
4 Greek yogurts

For a grand total of $25 which includes the price I paid for the coupons

And here is a cute little baby that I love so much!