Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best of Friends

These two little peas on a pod had so much fun together the two days that we got to watch Kherrington. Brighton usually woke up first and would as for her over and over again until she got up. He would help me put her down for naps and bed, but then would cry about it. They loved eating together, playing, watching movies, and tearing apart the house. They both were so happy to be together all the time!
Growing up I was lucky enough to live close to my cousins and some of my most fondest memories come from playing with them. Brighton loves his cousins. I hope he will always be close to them so he can have the experiences that I was able to have. It was so much fun to see these two interact! They have such a cute relationship and have so much love for each other at such a young age.

Taking a bath together: they loved to splash one another and write all over the walls with Brighton's bath crayons that she gave him for Christmas. I got a cute picture of their bums but didn't want to get in trouble for posting it :)

Playing on the steps with their suckers. They traded halfway through

Of course it wouldn't be a real day over here if they didn't ride the four-wheeler all over the place.

Kherrington even shared her baby with Brighton. Such a cute picture.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Did you think it was me with the twins? Well it is, but only for 2 days. Kherrington's parents are out of town on a "business" trip so she is staying with us for a few days. She was very good last night and today for her nap and went right down. Sleep was my biggest worry, but so far so good. THe kids love being together and are wild non stop!! When Brighton woke up this morning all he wanted to do was "SEE" Kherrinton even though I explained many times that she was asleep. Making lunch and cleaning it up was easier because instead of Brighton tugging on me for attention he and Kherrington played. It was also nice to make a meal for 3 instead of 2. Sometimes making things is just too much work if it is only for Brighton and I. He is so ready for a sibling, to have some one to play with non stop. He will however have a hard time always sharing his toys but luckily that won't take place for a while. We wish that Kherrington lived closer so we could play everyday!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where do babies come from?

So yesterday I was a little late taking my 6th graders to lunch so a class of 2nd graders were in front of us. All the sudden I feel a rub on my tummy. I look down and there is a little boy rubbing it and he says, "Your having a baby" I told him, "Yes, I am" Then he turned around back into line. I turned to my students and asked them why they have never just rubbed by belly like that. They all laughed!

I thought he was done; but shortly after he turned back around and said, while touching my belly again, "Is he with Jesus right now?" I said, "nope, he's in here." So to that he replied, "and Jesus put him in there?" "yes he did." After that he turned around.

His curiosity got him again as he turned around to me for a last time and said, "How did Jesus put him in there?" To this I was unsure what to say, it seems obvious that that is what his parents have told him about babies it bellies so I replied the best I could by saying, "I don't know how he did that." Luckily it was now his turn to type in his lunch number. I looked at my students who were all laughing and just laughed. I hope he went home and talked to his parents about babies :)

Here's me at 27 weeks. Obviously the little runt is growing very quickly and also obvious is that I am getting zero sleep. Part of this is my fault as I have been working overtime on finishing some of my digital scrapbooks; which I have finally finished! And I started making diaper and wipes cases and love them! I'll post pictures soon!

The doctor said that baby's head is up top, not upside down. I dont like it because his head pokes me all the time in the ribs and sticks out. For some reason I would rather it was a foot. But it doesn't matter because he's healthy and I'm being cut open anyways.