Friday, February 11, 2011

Where do babies come from?

So yesterday I was a little late taking my 6th graders to lunch so a class of 2nd graders were in front of us. All the sudden I feel a rub on my tummy. I look down and there is a little boy rubbing it and he says, "Your having a baby" I told him, "Yes, I am" Then he turned around back into line. I turned to my students and asked them why they have never just rubbed by belly like that. They all laughed!

I thought he was done; but shortly after he turned back around and said, while touching my belly again, "Is he with Jesus right now?" I said, "nope, he's in here." So to that he replied, "and Jesus put him in there?" "yes he did." After that he turned around.

His curiosity got him again as he turned around to me for a last time and said, "How did Jesus put him in there?" To this I was unsure what to say, it seems obvious that that is what his parents have told him about babies it bellies so I replied the best I could by saying, "I don't know how he did that." Luckily it was now his turn to type in his lunch number. I looked at my students who were all laughing and just laughed. I hope he went home and talked to his parents about babies :)

Here's me at 27 weeks. Obviously the little runt is growing very quickly and also obvious is that I am getting zero sleep. Part of this is my fault as I have been working overtime on finishing some of my digital scrapbooks; which I have finally finished! And I started making diaper and wipes cases and love them! I'll post pictures soon!

The doctor said that baby's head is up top, not upside down. I dont like it because his head pokes me all the time in the ribs and sticks out. For some reason I would rather it was a foot. But it doesn't matter because he's healthy and I'm being cut open anyways.


Megan and Doug Albright said...

I love you and your little tummy/baby! sorry about being cut open. happy valentines day!