Saturday, October 16, 2010

18 months

I can't believe my little man is so old! How fast time flies! Brighton always gets the same comment. "He looks like such a little man!" and I couldn't agree more. I feel like this kid just came out of me looking all grown up. His personality is definitely starting to shine through and he is going to be a stubborn one who always wants his way. He can easily copy all the words that come out of our mouths now but he has picked up two that he just loves "Don't" and "Stop it" Oh man. Brighton's main goal in life is just like his daddy's...To always have fun. He loves cars and four wheelers. Him and Chris take daily rides on his Can am. My mom bought Chris a remote control car. Brighton sits on the kitchen floor controlling it many times a day. He gives the best hugs and kisses and is such a little sweetheart. He seems to know when he is tired and does not fight being put down for his nap or bed time. He loves to read books. If reading by himself he will make up words as he looks at the pages. He no longer needs his bottle, thanks mom!!! and has gotten so much better at eating. He even will ask for food. His favorites are apples and bananas, chicken, noodles, and chips. Brighton has decided that he does not need his booster seat anymore and likes to stand on the chair as he eats. He is always on the go, always wanting to be outside and doing something. He loves to throw balls and push things around the house. He enjoys playing with other kids, or adults. As long as he gets attention. He continues to love animals and will bark at all the dogs he sees. I hope that I will be able to nurture his fun loving personality and keep up with his busy little life. I know Brighton will be the best big brother to all his siblings. He loves every baby he sees; kisses them and tickles their feet. He is constantly looking at our baby book to see pictures of the baby. We are so blessed to have Brighton in our lives!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sick & Tired

And Pregnant!!!

Yep! The rumors are true. Baby number 2 is on its way in the beginning of May!! I am doing well, feeling a little sick but luckily I'm not the throwing up type. I am always exhausted and take a nap after school just about everyday. We were able to go to the Doctor's yesterday. He did an ultrasound and we saw the cute little thing. It kind of gave us a little wave. Brighton loves to read the Week By Week book with me and look at pictures of the baby. He will be playing downstairs, remember the baby, grab my hand and drag me upstairs to look at the pictures in the book, and kiss them. He loves to kiss the baby. Whenever he sees a car seat he says "Baby!" and runs to look inside. I know that Brighton will be the best big brother and absolutely love having a sibling around.

I'm around 11 weeks here. I like taking the photos in the morning because my belly is so much smaller. I barely look pregnant here but by night you can tell!