Saturday, May 28, 2011

We made it!!

Our first month is officially over and what a month it was. I am so lucky to have had my mom and mother in law stay with us to help me recovery and learn how to deal with two boys. I was so nervous when I was left alone but have made it through and am enjoying my time as a stay at home mother of 2. Brighton loves Troy more everyday. He gives him hugs, tickles him, and will sit in front of him to chat. If Troy is not in the room he will ask ask where is Troy? He does not like when I nurse and becomes very needy at this time. It is so fun to see the boys friends already.

Troy is growing quickly. When he was born he was 7.8, by his 2 week check up he was already 8.9. Troy is a good nurser who eats every 2 ½ to 3 hours. He will go 4 hours at night, which is nice for his mommy. He has been a good sleeper since he was born; he has never had his nights a days mixed up like Brighton did. After eating he spends a little time awake then takes at least an 1 ½ hour nap. He has gotten much better at sleeping in his Pack n’ Play crib. When he was first brought home he did not like it in there. Troy is a great snuggler. He hates getting his diaper changed and laying by himself on the floor. He likes to have tummy time with his brother a few times a day. He can lift his head up and move it to the other side. He also can make eye contact and hold it. We have been able to even get a couple of smiles out of him. Troy gets a little ornery in the late evenings, but other than that he is a pretty happy baby. He has the biggest cheeks and I have a feeling they will continue to get bigger and bigger!


Kirsten said...

so cute!!! I can't wait to see more pics of your cute family :) love you guys!

Megan and Doug Albright said...

They are both adorable and I miss them!