Tuesday, April 19, 2011

38 weeks!

I'm excited that soon I will have another one of these at my house! I am the most girly girl, and am surrounded by boys! But I love them and can't wait to meet the next one. I think Brighton has been "nesting" as well. He says that the baby is in his tummy and will suck in and out to make it move. He will also point to a spot on his belly and say "foot". He takes care of his HUGE pooh bear everyday by changing its diaper, putting on desitin, baby powder, rocking it, feeding him, wrestling, and snuggling. He will be the best helper!

Last time I had Brighton by now, I never made it to my 38 week. He was already 7.7 lbs and I think this baby is a big one as well; but he is very happy just hanging out in my belly. I'm feeling fine but not sleeping at all! Tomorrow my family and Chris' family are coming into town for graduations. Baby Tad decided to wait until everyone was here for his arrival. I am scheduled next Tuesday to have him. Everyday I think more that he will make it to that date. Wish us luck!


jenn + michael said...

oh my word! I'm getting so anxious to see your cute baby #2! Good luck! You look great!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

hahaha im so glad u get to experience somewhat of the waiting game!! hahaha we miss u tons

Kirsten said...

such a cute picture!! And I'm glad to know that someone else STUCK OUT as much as I did!!! Megan is 20 weeks and you can barely tell she is pregnant. I was showing at 7 ha ha can't wait to see Tad!,.and find out his real name lol