Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Changes

The four of us (including baby Tad) have been going through some big changes recently

Chris started his own dealership:

Chris recently opened a dealership in Lehi. In his first 2 weeks of being open they had sold 20 cars. His lot is at a perfect location right off the freeway. They have been working hard buying many cars to fill the lot, which can hold up to 150 cars! They have had no problem getting customers. Chris has always wanted to own his own dealership and I am so proud of him. This is a big change and was a little scary at first but since they have had such success so far we are really excited. The only down fall is that Chris has been working 12 hour days pretty much everyday to get it up and running. Bug and I miss him but we know it is worth it. Go Chris!

Shani had her last day teaching:
That's right, today was my last day. It is so crazy to think that now I am just a full time mommy. Teaching was so much fun. I have enjoyed the past 6 years so much and have worked with such wonderful kids. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to be part time the last two years. My class this year is super cute and I will miss them. My partner was great and I look forward to her being the full time teacher for the last 6 weeks of school. She did so much for me this year! Today we played baby shower games all morning and just had fun together. I stayed for the afternoon and got most of my sub plans done. What a relief. Now is is just me and Brighton. We have lots of cleaning and preparing for the new baby to do next week!

Brighton turned 2:
Look at my big boy! He is such a little stud and has grown so much in 2 years. His vocabulary is huge now and he is always trying out new words and putting them together into sentences. He loves to take care of his "poo bear" THe other day he put a diaper on him and rocked him to sleep. He will be the best helper. He kisses and talks to my belly all the time. He has decided that he loves to be naked and is very quick to take off his shirt. He is eating so good right now and will tell me, "I'm hungy mommy". He loves to eat ham and eggs, hotdogs, guacamole, noodles, and chicken. Oh and candy of course! He is obsessed with his little trike that Aunt Nikki gave him for christmas. He must ride it everyday outside and is very fast. He also loves to throw balls and play all the sporty things. He likes to fake fight and wrestle. I am so impressed with how easy his transition was into his big boy bed. He still waits for Chris and I to get him when he wakes up even though he could easily get out himself. He needs his 2 doggies, blankie from Grammy, and little blue pillow when sleeping. He loves to read books and copy when we say prayers. He has learned how to turn on the DVD player and will do so himself when he wants to watch a movie. He still loves to put on funny things and be the center of attention. He will do anything for a laugh. Even though he is such a jabber mouth and loves being around other people he also gets very shy when it is someone he doesn't know. He can be so independent at times, and other times still want to be the little baby. He had one last slumber party with Chris and I the other night before the new baby comes. He likes to sleep on Chris' chest and it is so precious. I love this kid to pieces and enjoy all our time together.

Baby Tad: Reaches full term.
That's right, early next week I will be 37 weeks and that is considered fully developed. We are getting more and more excited for this baby to come. Now only if we could pick a name!


Darci said...

That is awesome that Christ started his own dealership! And that it has been so successful! yay! Tad is a super cute name.

Kirsten said...

Wow lots of changes at your house! that's so awesome for Chris, and YAY that you are almost DONE!! So excited to see baby #2 :)