Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Half Birthdays!

I can't believe that my little boys are so big already! Where does time go and why do children change so fast? Both boys are celebrating half birthdays around this time of year.

Troy: 6 Months
What? My baby has already been around for half of a year? That is just unbelievable to me, but the calendar says its true. Life with Troy is so much fun! He is such a smiley baby and loves people to pay attention and talk to him. He loves to scream with excitement, splash in the tub, and play toys. Brother is learning how to share and gets better everyday. Troy has learned to sit very well on his own. He is still learning to like eating; for some reason I can only get a few bites in before he starts crying about it and we give up. He is still learning to sleep at night (sad); he seemed like he would be a better sleeper than Brighton but has proven other wise. (He is also a thumb sucker, which I gave into thinking I would get a good sleeper out of it) I put him down for naps and bed time fully awake and he puts himself to sleep so we should not be having these problems. Naps last about 30 min, he has recently started getting better at longer ones, but it is hit and miss. Some nights he sleeps clear till 5 or 6, which is great, but some nights he is up at 2, 3, 4, and 5 and 6. He usually sleeps till about 830 or 9 which is nice. He is finally nursing well, unless distractions are around! Sadly I have to start weaning him because we have a cruise coming up in December that he is not coming to. Right when we get things right! And, he hates the bottle! Oh man!! He is the biggest momma's boy I have ever seen. If I'm in the room I am the only one he is happy with. He is great at reaching and grabbing and can hold his body up so high! He absolutely LOVES Brighton. He watches everything that Brighton does. I know he will quickly start to mimic him. The best is when Troy laughs while Brighton is throwing a tantrum, which just makes B madder :) Troy is such a little Rolly Poly. I can't put him down anywhere but carpet now cuz he will just roll off. He can also scoot in a circle, but not forward yet. He loves to sleep on his tummy and is just TOO cute. I love his blonde hair and curly cue in the middle of his hair line.

Brighton: 2 and a half years!!!
Wow! We have made it so far with this crazy Tot. He has one of the biggest personalities I have ever seen; and changes his mood quite quickly. He is so goofy; loves to dress up (esp in his spiderman outfit) but also loves hats, necklaces, belts, anything he can add to an outfit. He still loves his doggies but has added to the collection of things he needs in his bed to sleep: 2 Blinks, Winsten, Big Pooh Bear, Little Pooh Bear, Blue dog, Blue bear, froggies (corn feet warmer), 2 blankets, little blue pillow, car pillow, and monkey pillow. Oh I forgot Sully as well. He is very quick to know if something is missing. He is getting ready to potty train. Tells me when he is peeing, poohs on the potty, and can get the diaper off. He used to be a great napper but has recently been fighting me on it! He will stay and read in his bed for hours instead of sleeping, a good activity, but without his 3 hour nap he is SOOO cranky. He has become a master staller at nighttime and his routine is now over an hour long-we need to fix that. Brighton has a great imagination, he loves to run around the house punching, or shooting fake bad guys, or smashing pretend bugs. He has gotten a million times better at eating and will try every meal I make. Of course he still downs milk all day long. Brighton is so athletic. He loves to run and chase. He learned how to flip and loves to show everyone. Of course, he continues to show all who come over his new room, even if you have seen it a million times he will still ask. I'm glad all my hardwork paid off! He got in a phase where he liked to say mean things he was thinking (ex. I'm gonna punch and kick you, I'm gonna push you in the street...) so I taught him nice things to say and do. Now he tells me "Mamma, your so pretty" everyday haha! He loves his brother but does not like Troy to touch his stuff or worse: look out his car window. Why this bothers him, I have no idea! He gives him HUGE tight hugs and tries to pick him up. If Troy is not in sight he will ask for him. He loves to show off for his little brother and always talks about the things they will do together when he is bigger. Brighton is fascinated by the fact that he and everyone else used to be in someone's tummy. He says, "I was in your tummy mom, then I popped out! It was yuck!" He has been so excited about his new cousins baby Aliyah and Oaklei. His best friends are Kherrington and Tanner and Madison. He just LOVES to play with them as often as possible. I love this big kid. He makes me laugh every single day.

I love being a mommy!


Julie said...

Your boys are too stinkin cute!!! We miss you guys!