Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yellow Loves

Chris brings home a new car each night from the dealership for him to drive. He loves driving a different one everyday. Me, on the other hand, loves driving my truck. She has been my car for 10 years. Now that we have two kids we decided the time had come to sell my beauty and get me a mom car. She was on the lot for under a week. Everyone that came said that the truck was in such great condition still and couldn't believe it. I was so sad the day that the truck sold but am excited for my Acura MDX mom SUV. Thanks little yellow truck for all the good times!

Chris' favorite yellow car happens to be a lamborghini! He has been working so hard at his new dealership, and very long hours. They have paid off though! So we decided for his birthday he could splurge a little and rent the car of his dreams for a couple hours. Grandma Megan watched our two boys and we drove all over Vegas in this HOTT ride. Chris had the time of his life. The night before he was all giddy, told me he couldn't sleep and that it felt like CHristmas Eve when he was little. While driving he called all his friends so they could just listen to the noise. It was cute to see him so excited. He said he has to do this at least once a year from now on; we'll see.


Jordan & Heather Wong said...

always a sad day to sell our cars!