Monday, January 30, 2012

Toddlers say the funniest things!

My little Brighton is probably the funniest person I know. I love spending the days with him; we just laugh and laugh. Here are some of our recent conversations:

Driving in the car
B: Mom, sometime I am going to sit up there and you will be back here with Troy
Me: Yes, you will get to drive someday
B: You better watch out mom! I'm a crazy driver!
Me: Yes you will be!!
B: Call dad and tell him that
(He is into having Chris and I tell each other things from him)

B looking at my wedding ring
B: Mama, sometime I will have a ring like that, but mine will be one like daddy's

Laying in bed after Chris had just been in
B: Mom sometime I am going to be HUGE!
Me: Yep, you are getting bigger everyday
B: Like as big as daddy! Mama, why are you not so big?

Watching The Incredibles
B: Mom, why does Mr. Incredible have boobies?
Me: Well, we all do, just sometimes boys' are small
B: Like mine? They are not big
Me: Nope, but see you still have some

Funny sayings he comes up with
-Ima mix you like hot chocolate milk
-I'ma change you like a diaper
-I'ma put you in the oven and cook you
-I'ma feed you like baby food
-I'ma scoop you like a spoon

He also tries to say things that he thinks will make me mad so he says, "Sucka" but its kinda cute and funny -he's not supposed to say suck. He also says things like peanuts and other such words trying to remember the name of his boy part :)
He loves to be silly and make me laugh


Brittany Creel Clinton said...

Aww, what a funny guy! I love the crazy driver one. He is so cute!