Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Troy's 9 Months!!

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite baby age. Troy is so happy with himself and life right now. He plays and plays and plays; loves to be around on the ground with other children. He learned to wave. If he is playing and B and I are in the kitchen, Troy will often wave at us to make sure we are paying attention to him. He also likes to show/share what he is playing with or the food he is eating. He got roseola this month with a yukcy fever and slight rash. Troy loves to crawl up the stairs and thinks it is so funny when I come running after him to make him stop. If he sees me while he is crawling towards them he giggles and crawls faster. It is amazing how much he knows at this young age. On his 9 month birthday he looked at Chris, reached to him and said, “Da”. Troy is very agreeable and says, "yeah, yeah" all day long. He still loves his thumb and my hair. I've got to find something else for him to get hooked on, but so far nothing else will do. He stands most of the day, can walk along things, transfer himself to different objects, and loves to push his car walker around the room. He has stood alone for a few seconds a couple of times. He is always happy and has the hugest grin on his face. He loves to take baths with his big brother. They enjoy splashing one another and giggling when they get me wet. We love our little boy Troy!


Brittany Creel Clinton said...

What a happy little guy! It must melt your heart when he waves at you. I can't wait till Henry does that---he'll be 8 months old tomorrow. :) Troy's a doll.

Amy and Woody said...

I love your boys!! Sorry I'm taking forever on the pics! They'll come soo

Nicole said...

Your boys are so cute! We need to get our boys together again soon. They played so great! Hope you are doing well. Hugs!