Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vegas Vacation

The Bird and Albright family had a great time playing in Vegas over the weekend. We did lots of hanging out at their condo's pool and my backyard, visited Hoover Dam, went shopping, played on the strip, and attended my brother's homecoming talk. It was fun to hang out with both the families. It is so nice that they all get along! Madison and I waiting and riding the Merry-Go-Round. She had a ton of fun and wouldn't stop begging to go on it again.

Playing on the slots with Gramma Judy. We made $1.25!!

This is the bouquet that Valerie made me for my bridal pictures. She is amazing!


Jordan & Heather Wong said...

u gotta send me some pics from ur bridal shoot i want to see them!

Anthony and Krista said...

email me! Kristaslade@gmail.com

Nicole said...

That flower arangement is beautiful! Can't wait to see it all come together!

Ashley O said...

i miss you....I've missed you for 3 years now!!!!!