Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally Settling Down

We have been on the run ever since the wedding. We had the best honeymoon MONTH anyone could ask for as we ran around with each other and our fun families. Here's some highlights from our trips after the honeymoon. Honeymoon pictures will come soon!

After our honeymoon my family picked us up from the port and took us to Newport to stay on the beach for the week. It was a lot of fun but we missed having the whole family there.

Every year we build a few sandcastles. This is one of my favorite ever!

We enjoyed going to Sea World one day. I love to watch the animals and am amazed at the training people can do with them.

Chris was dying all day to go on the new City of Atlantis ride. We went late at night after all the shows and were able to go on three times in a row with no wait.

From there we drove up to Idaho to meet the Bird family for their summer reunion. The extended family was there for a few days and we stayed a little longer with just Chris' family.
Golfing in Idaho. The course was right by the cabin we stayed in.

We spent a day in Yellowstone, saw pretty sights but not many animals. :(

Geocashing was fun, the boys and kellie hiked up huge rocks to find a ammo case filled with little trinkets.

In Idaho we found the best Sand Dunes, Pictures don't do it justice. I hopped on the four-wheeler with Chris and held on tight! Kim was amazed at what I would let him take me up and down!!

After Idaho we drove to Washington the play for a week.
Grandpa Bill took Chris and I around the farm. We picked potatoes and corn to eat that night. I couldn't believe how many potatoes were under the pile of dirt. My family came up and we also went through the potato plant. What a production!

Of course we spent many days staying on the lake relaxing, wakeboarding, riding on the aqua tracks, and enjoying the area.

Our Open House in Washington turned out gorgeous. We decorated their backyard with tons of pink ribbons and flowers.

We put my hair extensions on Madison that night after the open house. She wanted to wear them to church the next day.

After all our vacations we are finally home. It was so fun but I was happy to be back. I have already been teaching for the past three years. My students seem really sweet this year. Chris has been the best husband ever working hard to put the apartment together. He even went to Walmart for me one night at 12 to pick up things I needed for school the next day while I went to bed. Being married has been even better than I imagined.


Jordan & Heather Wong said...

looks like u guys had tons of fun!!! we cant wait to see u guys!! and thats soo cute that madison wore ur hair extensions! haha

Don and Kelley said...

I have to laugh at your comment about not seeing any animals in Yellowstone. Don's family lives near there and for years when we would go I wouldn't see any animals! Finally, when I have all my kids with me, we saw a ton! I was starting to think there were no animals in Yellowstone! I looks like you guys had fun!!!!

Ashley O said...

HOW FUN!!! I want to be married too! And you all said that I would be first. Psh... Yeah freakin' right.

Anyway, I AM coming back up to Provo. I leave next week just in time to start my last semester...FINALLY! I know it's about time. I hope we will have time to hang out. I miss our good times. sorry i was such a recluse the past 2 years. my life pretty much was screwed up. Anyway I miss your face.

Nicole said...

You guys are so cute! Are you ready to play or are you guys still in the "honeymoon-no friends" mode?:)

Nikki said...

Cute post especially that adorable little girl in the last post! Thanks for babysitting tonight you're the best! love ya!

Chris and Elaine said...

What a fun honeymoon month! Your mom showed me pictures from her visit to Washington for the open house. Looks like you all had a fun time. Have fun getting to know your new school class. This was our first week back and we are adjusting to the new schedule. Love ya :)