Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brighton's one!!

I can't believe how fast this year went by and that my little boy is already a year old! It has been the most enjoyable year of my life. I have learned so many new things, gotten the least amount of sleep in my life, and laughed and smiled more than ever. I love watching my two boys play together. Brighton absolutely lives his daddy and giggles ever morning when we go in to wake chris up. Brighton is always the first one up in our house. Here's some things he does:
Plays peekaboo by squatting in the middle of the room and saying boo
Makes fish faces
Has six teeth
Lifts up shirts and blows raspberries
Eats some solid food like chicken, yogurt, string cheese, and bananas
Tries to use a spoon on his own
Carries his doggies everywhere he goes
Takes two naps during the day and sleeps from about 930 till 700 at night.
Crawls up and down the stairs
Loves to be chased and squawks if you are not following him
Gives hugs and kisses
His hair grows like a weed and has had about 12 hair cuts
Loves his cousins Kherrington, Madison, and Tanner and laughs and smiles when he sees them
Dances when ever there is music on
Sings Miley Cyrus "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"
Says more, mama, dada, boo, ball, and dog
Says "No no no" whenever he is doing something naughty
Loves to unroll the toilet paper
Always wants to drink from a straw
Wants to always be the center of attention and gets moody when he is not
Is very interested in every new thing and will investigate
Bangs or shakes things to make noise, including his head against a wall

He is the best little kid and only gets better with each passing day. I am so blessed to have him as my son!


Kirsten said...

yay!! this year DID go by fast!! oh and p.s. I'm having a girl!!

A Princess World said...

He is SO cute! I can't believe he is one already...cute, cute!

Megan and Doug Albright said...

He is a darling boy and we love him and you too!