Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blog Slacker

I was so excited to finally update my blog. I took some cute pictures this week and got on today to upload them only to find out that I can't find the sd card thingy. So instead I worked on my digital scrapbook. I have always been an avid scrapbooker, and love doing it. One this will always frustrate me though, I WILL NEVER CATCH UP!! No matter how hard I work, more pictures and events keep arriving! Is there anyone out there that is actually caught up? I am working on last years Christmas right now, when that is done I will have all of 2009 complete. Pretty good right? Did I tell you that it is about 200 pages long! I tried to make it less, but my kid is so dang cute I can only delete so many photos!Thanks goodness for the website that has deals on printing photo books!
Well lets not forget to mention that I skipped about a whole year to get there and am trying to also finish that. Luckily, high school - college is done, plus my first two and a half years of teaching YEAH! My mom did pretty good at a baby book, but what about older elementary and middle school? Our wedding? That is a project that will take some time, probably why I chose to skip most of 2008. There will never be enough time in the day for all the many projects I would like to complete.
On that note, one week left of school, then I will have four more hours of the day. I already have them planned out with playing with my cutie pie, cleaning house, working out, playdates with cousins and friends, maybe I can squeeze in a little extra scrapbooking and sleep. :) Good luck to everyone with forever and ongoing to do lists!


Debbie Cannon said...

Congratulations on doing some scrapbooking! You will be so glad that you have those!