Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slow Down!!

I have been busy for too long and am ready for a break; so is my body and my messy house! Here is what I have been up too:

Here are my four new digital scrapbooks! I am very proud of them. I use memory mixer to scrapbook my pages then wait for Winkflash.com to have their wonderful flat rate deal; 1 price up to 100 pages which all my books come very close too! I got a lot of scrapbooking done this summer when I was off work and Brighton took 4 hour naps. I was very lucky to have that time to finish some projects that I was behind on. Then winkflash had their deal so I had to get everything else done. It was a busy two weeks of me on the computer. Brighton is a little high maintenance so I could only do it while he was asleep which means no afternoon nap and late nights for prego me. But here they are and I am all caught up!! I splurged a little and got the custom covers this time. I like them so much better it was worth the few extra dollars.
*Books: Engangement, wedding, and the rest of 2008
*Our Family book of 2010
*Dating book has some of our first dating years (2004-2005) Then Mid 07 to where our Wedding books picks up
*And Brighton's 2010 book

Here are all my digital scrapbooks. I love real scrapbooking and have many of those too but it is no longer doable for me. These are in order by date.
*06-07 summer: mostly me a little Chris, the pictures that I had
*Our dating book
*The book Chris made me to propose
*2009-January through June
*2009-July through December (Brighton was so cute we couldn't help taking a million pictures
*2010 Family
*2010 Brighton
*I actually have another little one that is Brighton's baby book, which he loves to look at but it is at the neighbor's right now.

As soon as I got my scrapbooks finished and turned in I started making these. I love them! These ones are for Brighton and baby Tad (still has no name so we call him that for now) I wanted a way to separate their diapers in the diaper bag. I love them and have started a few for some prego friends.

After that we had Kherrington stay with us for a few days: So FUN! but right after Brighton got sick. VERY SICK! The worst I had ever seen. While he was sick we went to Vegas. He started to get a little better there when I caught the cold. Now I am getting a little better and Chris has caught it. Come on! My parents were in town last weekend to help Heather and Jordan pack and take Heidi to a dance Camp. They might come back this weekend to help finish packing and say good bye :( Also, Chris' family is coming for little Payten's blessing. So fun, hopefully we will be better so we can play. After this weekend it is cleaning house and sleeping for me!


Lisa said...

I am so jealous! I can't wait to have all of your fun books and crafts copied at our house! I need it to SLOW DOWN too before that will happen though! I'm so excited to see them in person!

Megan and Doug Albright said...

Darling stuff you are so creative! I wish I could take credit, but you came that way!! love you