Thursday, September 27, 2012

A little bit of Summer

We have been busy busy busy, but having lots of fun.  The boys are getting so big and getting crazier and louder every day!  Here is a few pictures out of the thousands we took this summer!

Brighton pulled the fire alarm at Amy and Woody's apartment and got to meet the firemen!  I think he learned his lesson.

Troy learned how to go down the slide by himself.  We are so proud!

We had the Bird Family reunion.  Brighton loved playing with his cousins!

We got to visit Kim and Alan in Washington.  We went to the Moses Lake Rodeo one night!

Of course, we had our summer Beach Trip! It was soOOOOO much fun this year.  Both boys loved playing on the beach, and no one got sick!

Brighton had "summer school" which was really a play group; but by me calling it school he actually went by himself!!

We did LOTS and LOTS of water balloons.  The boys were pretty much obsessed!

Took the Razor out a few times and always had a blast.

We've gotten a little craftier around here and made Homemade bubbles.  They were awesome!

Brighton had soccer camp for a week.  He may look excited here but he would not go on the field with out his mommy holding his hand!

Troy is such an adventurous little kid.  He loves riding on all things and playing all day. I love his big bright smile.

We love the lake!

We took some cute family photos on the beach.

Our summers are so crazy.


Amy and Woody said...

Love to see all the pictures!! Miss you and your boys! Come up this week and well do dinner and the park.

David said...

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