Saturday, June 26, 2010

15 Months

I can't believe that my little bug is so old. He gets cuter with age and his energy seems to double just about everyday. He is in constant motion running back and fourth until he crashes for a nap or bed. He is always in need of attention and will find ways to get it when you are not looking at him. For example, if I am doing dishes or cooking he will stand by me and turn my body away from the counter and towards him then lift up his arms for an embrace. LOVE! He knows how to go down the stairs on his own but refuses to do so anymore. He thinks he is a big boy and likes to try to walk up and down them. His favorite toys are still his push car, and any type of ball. He has learned to say vroom vroom when playing with cars. He has finally learned mom, yeaha!, can also say Bottle, Shoe, Brighton, Deven-his uncle next door, loves to say hi to people walking by. More is still the word we most often hear come out of his mouth. Smiles HUGE when asked to Cheese for a picture. If we call my parents on the video phone he reaches and asks for Molly the whole time. Every dog he sees is called Molly, chased after, and barked at. He has to go outside every day. He will bring me his shoes, after I put them on he runs to the door. He continues to love to play in water, he enjoys sprinklers, baths, and pools. Since I am a stay at home mom for a few months he has learned that I am the best thing on earth and doesn't leave my side. He loves to drink his bottles and will not give up if he sees one. This is a great accomplishment since we worked the whole last year to get him to drink. He is eating better and enjoys things like mushy carrots, mushrooms, black beans, italian salads, cheeto puffs (which he insists on wiping his orange hands on me when he is finished). Oddly enough he does not like cookies or ice cream. He has begun to find joy in climbing up on things and standing tall. He has a very loud voice and lets his presence be known! He holds phones up to his ear and says Hi, points remotes at the tv and pushes buttons, blows on peoples bellies, gives the best kisses in the world, pushes Chris and I together to get us to kiss, tries to put on peoples shoes, and goes everywhere with either Winston or Blink, his beanie baby dogs. It is so amazing how much kids learn just through watching their parents and other people. I am having the best summer of my life right now with this amazing little boy!!


Megan and Doug Albright said...

Cute pic cute boy! we love him and you guys too! can't wait to see you! You will need to clamp all bookcases to the wall asap as he will soon be trying to crawl up them, just to see if he can!

Matt & Katie said...

Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I have some cute pics of Brighton while we were there so if you want, send me your email address and I'll email them over. He is such a handsome little man & I am so glad doesn't have stitches anymore!

Debbie Cannon said...

Very sweet, cute blog. He is such a happy, good looking boy. Glad you are having a wonderful summer!