Wednesday, June 9, 2010


After school got out we went to Washington for a little over a week. Chris' parents are making a huge water feature in the front of the home and wanted a little help. Chris clocked over 60 hours laying the brick with his mom, dad, and grandpa. Brighton and I played. Brighton loved being able to run around their huge yard and always wanted to be outside. Grandma Judy came over almost everyday to play with us. She brought over her slip and slide for Brighton. He loved it and would just sit with the sprinkler spraying him. We also went on four wheeler rides, and had fun picking up pine cones. Over memorial Day weekend Chris was able to get a break as we stayed up at their lake house. The water was pretty cold but that didn't keep Chris from getting out there on the Skyski and surfboard.


Amy and Woody said...

my favorite picture is Brighton just sitting on the slip n slide by himself he looks so cute :)

Megan and Doug Albright said...

I like that one too, but my fav is brighton on the 4 wheeler with Blink right next to him, so cute!! miss you guys~ glad you had so much fun in washington!