Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Now and Then

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2009

Not only does Brighton look just like his daddy he loves all the things his daddy loves...CARS is large on the list. Last year for Christmas my parents got Brighton a push car and he has played with it pretty much everyday since the day he opened it. This year they got him an electric one. My dad charged it before it was wrapped so as soon as Brighton opened the car he was able to hop on and go. He had to get the hang of pushing the button instead of using his feet. The first night he would only push it for a second at a time so he kinda jerked around. Now he holds it down and goes all around the house. Both days he's had it he has worn the battery down.


Lisa said...

I'm seeing a dangerous pattern here...what is he going to get next Christmas??? Haha!

Megan and Doug Albright said...

So cute! He's grown so much, we had so much fun with all of you and will miss you on Christmas Day! Love you

Nelson Family said...

I love the little car Brighton has. We bought Cohen the same one, but then Tyler found a Jeep that he got for him instead. BTW, good luck with finding a name. I thought for sure I knew what we would name a boy next and we ended using a different one!