Sunday, April 13, 2008

The difference between girls and boys

While Nikki and I were away at the Bridal Shower Chris and Josh spent the afternoon working on his "toys" They added skid plates to the bottom of the four wheeler--Now when I drive it and run over rocks it won't get ruined. They also put on a new sprocket, chain, and rear tire to his CRF 450. When I got to the house he was very excited to show off his new additions and wanted us to get some good pictures. Here are some pictures of his three babies... The truck, motorcycle, and four wheel. Luckily they all come second place in his life, and will be mine in a few short weeks!


Julie said...

Boy, I know what that's like! :) I do love Mike's hobbies. They keep him active and happy, but they are much more expensive than my hobbies! :)

Michele Anderson said...

Hey's me Michele Anderson. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. I wish you all the best in your life!!!