Saturday, June 26, 2010

15 Months

I can't believe that my little bug is so old. He gets cuter with age and his energy seems to double just about everyday. He is in constant motion running back and fourth until he crashes for a nap or bed. He is always in need of attention and will find ways to get it when you are not looking at him. For example, if I am doing dishes or cooking he will stand by me and turn my body away from the counter and towards him then lift up his arms for an embrace. LOVE! He knows how to go down the stairs on his own but refuses to do so anymore. He thinks he is a big boy and likes to try to walk up and down them. His favorite toys are still his push car, and any type of ball. He has learned to say vroom vroom when playing with cars. He has finally learned mom, yeaha!, can also say Bottle, Shoe, Brighton, Deven-his uncle next door, loves to say hi to people walking by. More is still the word we most often hear come out of his mouth. Smiles HUGE when asked to Cheese for a picture. If we call my parents on the video phone he reaches and asks for Molly the whole time. Every dog he sees is called Molly, chased after, and barked at. He has to go outside every day. He will bring me his shoes, after I put them on he runs to the door. He continues to love to play in water, he enjoys sprinklers, baths, and pools. Since I am a stay at home mom for a few months he has learned that I am the best thing on earth and doesn't leave my side. He loves to drink his bottles and will not give up if he sees one. This is a great accomplishment since we worked the whole last year to get him to drink. He is eating better and enjoys things like mushy carrots, mushrooms, black beans, italian salads, cheeto puffs (which he insists on wiping his orange hands on me when he is finished). Oddly enough he does not like cookies or ice cream. He has begun to find joy in climbing up on things and standing tall. He has a very loud voice and lets his presence be known! He holds phones up to his ear and says Hi, points remotes at the tv and pushes buttons, blows on peoples bellies, gives the best kisses in the world, pushes Chris and I together to get us to kiss, tries to put on peoples shoes, and goes everywhere with either Winston or Blink, his beanie baby dogs. It is so amazing how much kids learn just through watching their parents and other people. I am having the best summer of my life right now with this amazing little boy!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pool Toys

Brighton has two loves when he is in the pool; a ball, nothing new there! And splashing. He soaked all of us.

It is so funny how opposite he and Kherrington are. She took a little getting used to the pool and very sweetly splashed. He was ready to jump right in and splash to his hearts content.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I am one of the luckiest girls (since I have three sisters they are just as lucky) to have the father I do. I would have to say that he is the funniest and silliest one out there. One of our favorite games at bed time was called "wrong answer". He would ask a question, if we got it wrong (which was usually) we would be tickled. I remember dancing with him many times in the family room just for fun. I had borrowed his nano once and filled it with my music, he had used it too at this time while working out. When I gave it back I took my stuff off and replaced it with all his. He came up from working out and said "Hey where's all my music," then started singing, "shake it and jiggle it shake it and jiggle it." Not only was he always funny he was always so kind and loving. He was always there during a break up and always gave me so much support. He has such a strong testimony; I can't count the numerous times I saw him praying or reading scriptures growing up. I love that he and Chris have lots of likes in common, they love to talk about cars and go golfing together. Thanks dad for all you do and have done!

Brighton and Chris have the sweetest bond. They are lucky to been able to spend so much time together over the school year as Chris would watch him while I was teaching. Since I am home full time right now Chris has been working more. They miss each other tons and wrestle as soon as Chris gets home. Brighton will bring me the phone and say, "Da" wanting me to call him so they can chat. No one can make Brighton giggle like Chris can. Brighton is already following in his father's footsteps and is obsessed with motor vehicles. If he sees our four wheeler or can am spider he reaches for it and cries until we put him on it. They are so cute together. I know that they will have the best of times as Brighton grows up and is able to do more with his dad. There is such a special love between them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

No More Staples

Today we went and got Brighton's staples out. He held very still for the first one, wiggled on the second, and tried to get away on the third. Because of his wiggling the third one bled a little bit but everything looks good. He's such a trooper.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who's really the baby?

This is a debate that has been going on at my house since Brighton arrived. It seems like when someone has a problem (sickness, or ouchy) the adults actually act like babies more than the babies. For example...

When Brighton has the stomache flu he acts a little off but still plays and runs around like nothing is wrong. He throws up then goes back to doing whatever he was doing before.
When Chris and I are sick we complain and lay in bed all day feeling miserable. No playing takes place

When Brighton has a cold he goes about doing his normal activies; nothing new. He even lets the goo ooze from his nose like nothing is happening (YUCK!)
When Chris or I have a cold we, once agian, complain and lay in bed all day feeling miserable.

Brighton had a large sty on his eye for about a week. It was huge! and for a while his eye looked about half open. He never noticed, didn't even touch it once to show that it bothered him!!
I had a sty for one night, it drove me nuts!! I complained, touched it, picked at it and was so grateful to wake up with it gone the next day.

Brighton set off yesterday to prove this point once again. We were playing at Kherrington and Heather's house this afternoon. Brighton was running around, nothing new there, ran into a door frame then bounced off and hit his head on the door behind him. He started screaming and crying quite hard. I ran and picked him up and brought him into the kitchen where he continued to cry. Normally he stops pretty quickly but I could tell this was a little worse. Then Heather noticed there was blood running down his head! We tried to clean it off and see how deep it was but just couldn't tell. Finally he let me put him down so i could take a closer look. Sure enough it was split open and not a pretty sight. This is about when I lost it and started crying. Amy and I packed up and headed for the closest Urgent Care. On the way Brighton played in the back with Amy, asking for more food (more has become his favorite word along with no) and jabbering away. Of course, acting like nothing was wrong.

Chris met us at the Urgent Care. There my poor little baby had to get 3 staples in his head! He did act like a baby during the numbing and stapling, not that I blame him. When it was finished they gave him a lollipop and he was back to normal.
Amy and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for Sunday. Stephen and LIsa came by to see the little guy. He was giggling and playing "fetch the cow" (he would throw the stuffed animal they bought him on the floor and laugh as we continually picked it up).
I'm pretty sure that if I cracked my head open I would once again complain and want to lay in bed all day.

So the question remains...Who really is the baby?

Brighton in the waiting room of Urgent Care

Sitting on the bed waiting for the doctor to come in, as happy as a clam

After his numbing shot, not so happy anymore. We couldn't get a picture because all three of us had to hold him down

This is the doctor putting in the staples. Poor baby!


Now that he has a sucker, life is good again and back to normal!!

Here are his pretty staples. It is kind of hard to see the middle one

On a side note: I have been telling Chris for weeks that I was very nervous for my first head splitting accident as a mom. I think it went pretty well. Now I am nervous for the first broken bone. YUCK!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


After school got out we went to Washington for a little over a week. Chris' parents are making a huge water feature in the front of the home and wanted a little help. Chris clocked over 60 hours laying the brick with his mom, dad, and grandpa. Brighton and I played. Brighton loved being able to run around their huge yard and always wanted to be outside. Grandma Judy came over almost everyday to play with us. She brought over her slip and slide for Brighton. He loved it and would just sit with the sprinkler spraying him. We also went on four wheeler rides, and had fun picking up pine cones. Over memorial Day weekend Chris was able to get a break as we stayed up at their lake house. The water was pretty cold but that didn't keep Chris from getting out there on the Skyski and surfboard.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My little bug is a lover of life. Everyday he discovers new things that he just can't get enough of. Recently he has found that he just LOVES sand/dirt, and juice boxes. I love my mommy for always buying him such cute clothes!! Thanks woman!